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Online Meditation Course

If you want to learn how to have more peace and less stress, then this is the course for you. Anxiety? Depressed? This is for you! Come learn why this course is the foundation to healing. Six week course with over 3 hours of guided meditations are included. Click on the image to purchase.

This workbook will help you put systems in place by focusing on the small, daily things, because that is where true change happens.


"I love these affirmation cards. They are gorgeous. I feel as if each card was written perfectly for me. Everything about this set makes me happy."


"I absolutely love my affirmation cards. They add a sweet soft loving touch to my studio and each affirmation brightens and adds extra light to my day. Thank you Veronica, they are absolutely stunning."


"These are even more beautiful in person! I'm so happy to have my own set and enjoy the everyday!"

Stephanie Fritz

"I have recently read that commercial jets have to perform hundreds of course corrections on every flight in order to remain in alignment with the planned destination. This book assists me in my course corrections I have to make to have flow and continue on my path to achieving my goals. This workbook allows me to ground myself to the most important priorities of my life, allows me to remember to live in gratitude and abundance. I use this book to start off my morning and end my night and notice a large difference in me missing if I miss a day of using it. It helps me to move forward in strength as I use it. I have gone through three books so far and will continue to use it every day to keep me in alignment with reaching my dreams and goals. "


"I have used Veronica's workbook for about 2 months now and it has helped me a lot. I use it every morning and it helps get my day going. Relationship with God and affirmations are so important, and this workbook helps guide you to those. What a great way to start your day."


"I use the prints every day in my office and bathroom vanity. I cannot choose a favorite because I like all of the words and love the pictures. It is easy to mix and match according to my needs and challenges."


Stunning affirmation cards! As soon as I saw them I bought several sets and gave them as gifts to a friend and to my girls. I plan on purchasing several more as gifts as well. The pictures are just stunning and the affirmations are Beautiful! With so much negativity in our world we need to surround ourselves with things like this that remind us who we really are. Thank you Veronica for making these for us!

-Jenny Harris