Daily Alignment Workbook
Daily Alignment Workbook

Daily Alignment Workbook

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This book is half workbook, half journal.

The prompts are all designed to help you:

  • make lasting, positive changes
  • build a better relationship with God
  • be a better friend to yourself
  • live in a state of gratitude
  • listen to your higher self
  • change negative core beliefs
  • nourish your physical, mental, and spiritual self
  • Have a higher and more stable amount of peace

This workbook will help you put systems in place by focusing on the small, daily things, because that is where true change happens.  Your system facilitates and maintains your growth and progress. No more two steps forward and one step back. You will hold your ground. That territory is hard won! Using this workbook every day will help you navigate life better and you will begin to live more and more in alignment with God and with your higher self. It’s such a great investment in yourself and your family - because self-care is family-care.  Changing yourself for the better changes your family for the better. You show up differently in all the best ways.

Nearly everyone wants to elevate their lives to greater peace, joy, and contentment.  This workbook will help nourish your efforts.


"I have used Veronica's workbook for about 2 months now and it has helped me a lot. I use it every morning and it helps get my day going. Relationship with God and affirmations are so important, and this workbook helps guide you to those. What a great way to start your day."


"I love the affirmation cards. They are gorgeous. I feel as if each card was written perfectly for me. Everything about this set makes me happy."


"I use the prints every day in my office and bathroom vanity. I cannot choose a favorite because I like all of the words and love the pictures. It is easy to mix and match according to my needs and challenges."


"I absolutely love my affirmation cards. They add a sweet soft loving touch to my studio and each affirmation brightens and adds extra light to my day. Thank you Veronica, they are absolutely stunning."