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Affirmation set #2 DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

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It is estimated that the average person looks at their phone up to 150 times a day.  Yikes!  Take advantage of that fact by downloading these affirmations that you will see every time you pick up your phone.  It's a great way to move these positive thoughts into your subconscious even faster.  This is a digital download of the #2 affirmation set and it is sized for your phone.  The download will be sent immediately upon purchase.  Can be downloaded to a phone or computer to be used as wallpaper or screensaver.


"I have used Veronica's workbook for about 2 months now and it has helped me a lot. I use it every morning and it helps get my day going. Relationship with God and affirmations are so important, and this workbook helps guide you to those. What a great way to start your day."


"I love the affirmation cards. They are gorgeous. I feel as if each card was written perfectly for me. Everything about this set makes me happy."


"I use the prints every day in my office and bathroom vanity. I cannot choose a favorite because I like all of the words and love the pictures. It is easy to mix and match according to my needs and challenges."


"I absolutely love my affirmation cards. They add a sweet soft loving touch to my studio and each affirmation brightens and adds extra light to my day. Thank you Veronica, they are absolutely stunning."